About Dance

Hi! I'm Chuck, I teach dance. Every dance teacher has a unique perspective and approach to dancing. I am no different. I think it's important for students to look around and find the right dance teacher for them. Not all dance teachers are equal! Of course all of them are going to tell you that they are the best (which is silly because obviously only I am the best! :) )

I have been dancing for over 15 years, and have been teaching for a little over 10 years. One of the things that I love about dance is that it has led me to learn about so many different areas in the persuit of improving my own dancing skill and my teaching skill. When you take a lesson from me you get a unique rich blend of many wonderful areas including: ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, african dance, yoga, gyrotonics, fitess, weight training, tai chi, and many other movement forms.

Some things I believe in...

  • Anyone can learn how to dance. And I mean anyone -- learning to hear music or learning to move your body well are teachable skills. Don't fall for thinking that you're born with it or not. That's a cop-out!
  • Learning to dance should be fun. I've seen some pretty horrible teaching where the teacher made the student cry because they weren't doing something. Eeek! I believe in pushing yourself, but you also have to teach good sportsmanship and good character skills. Life doesn't always go your way and you have to learn to deal with it with grace.
  • Your body is your instrument. There's healthy ways to move your body and there's unhealthy ways to move your body. I see a lot of teachers just avoid even teaching anything about moving well.